Majid Heidari

Majid Heidari


Majid Heidari

Majid Heidari (1980) is assistant professor at Ferdows Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran. He is the Head of Visual Communication Department and Director of Postgraduate Department. He has PhD in Philosophy of Art and writes on Aesthetics with focus on Islamic art. As a researcher he has several papers on Iran’s Aesthetics, the Tension between Mysticism and Scholastic Theology in Aesthetics, the Role of Rhetoric in Islamic Aesthetics, and Persian Painting and Narrative. He normally finds the theoretical framework of his papers in Pragmatism and Philosophical Hermeneutics, and puts especial emphasis on narrative truth and narrative identity in research projects. As a writer he published one collection of short stories “The Infrastructure of the City” and believes stories are one of the main ways to reach the truth. He had some startup projects like to find market for students’ artworks.



Majid Heidari,

Assistant Professor,

Member of Faculty &

Head of Visual Communication Department,

Ferdows Institute of Higher Education


 Focused on Comparative Aesthetics, hermeneutics, phenomenology, and pragmatism

  • Well-experienced teacher with command of varied teaching methods, encouraging critical thinking and problem solving


  • Heidari, Majid. “The Plights of Aesthetics in Iran”, Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol. 14, 2016
  • Heidari, Majid, “Comparing Kant’s and Heidegger’s Artistic Creation with Ricoeur’s understanding of Narrative”, Kimiaie Honar, no. 24, 2017
  • Heidari, Majid. “Neutral Artworks to Democratic Values, The Case of Naghashi-Khat in Iran”, to be published in IAA’s 2019 YearBook
  • Heidari, Majid. “The Role of Rhetoric in Iranian Aesthetics”, To be published in Kimiaie Honar
  • Heidari, Majid. “The Tension Between Islamic Scholastic Theology (Kalam) and Mysticism, and Its Role in Iranian Aesthetics”, To be published in Kimiaie Honar
  • Heidari, Majid. “Ricoeur “in” Narrative Turn”, To be published in Philosophical Investigations


  • Heidari, Majid. “Persian Painting as a Narrative Construction of Reality”, 18thInternational Conference of Aesthetics, Beijing, China, 2010
  • Heidari, Majid., Nasib, Farideh. “Illustrated Books, and the Relation Between Text and Pictures”, First National Conference on Illustrated Books, Tehran, Iran, 2017
  • Heidari, Majid. “Introduction to the Use of Stories in Class; some basic strategies”, The First Regional Conference in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching in Khuzestan-Masjed Soleyman, 2002

Special Honors and Awards

  • Travel Grant to participate in 18thInternational Conference of Aesthetics, Beijing, China

Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, 2010

  • Best Researcher of Ferdows Institute of Higher Education, 2016
  • Referee (Art Section) in the First National Students Competition on Environmental Protection, 2016
  • Referee in the First National Conference on The Role of Great Khorasan in the Development of Islamic Art, 2015

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor and Faculty Member of Art Department

Ferdows Institute of Higher Education                            (since 2013)

(Teaching Evaluation Average:  4.9)

List of Courses Taught:

  • Principles of Art Vocabulary
  • Critique & Comparison of Eastern & Western Art
  • Islamic Art and Culture
  • Western Art History
  • Islamic Wisdom and Aesthetics
  • Iranian Art History
  • Visual Art Criticism
  • Aesthetics
  • Research Methodologies for The Creative Arts

Adjunct Lecturer

Imam Reza International University                                           (2011-2013) 

  • Art History
  • Postmodern Art
  • English for Art Students

Adjunct Lecturer

Payame Noor University, & Art and Culture University                (2004-2008)

  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • English for Art Student

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Continental Philosophy and Aesthetics (with focus on Kant and Heidegger)
  • Islamic Aesthetics
  • Narrative and Aesthetics
  • Pragmatism of Dewey and Rorty and Aesthetics
  • Plato and Aristotle on Aesthetic

Workshops & Presentations

  • Creative Writing

Journal writing, Therapeutic writing, Time Capsule writing, writing and inspirations

Held in Ferdows Institute of Higher Education, 2016

  • MA Thesis Guidelines

General guidelines, charts and diagrams to help writing thesis, preparation for thesis defense day

Held in Ferdows Institute of Higher Education, 2016

Management & Academic Service

  • Head of Visual Communication Department,

Ferdows Institute of Higher Education                                              (since 2015) 

The visual communication department of Ferdows university has about 1000 students studying for BA and MA programs with more than 100 teachers. Since I took responsibility, I focused on organizing research projects around real graphic design problems, coordinated researches and projects with international design trends in the world, managed relations with local business companies, and executed different divers artistic events.

  • Director of Postgraduate Department,

Ferdows Institute of Higher Education                                              (since 2015)

Outlined all routines of thesis defense process, generated MA Thesis Style Sheet, and supervised the upgraded the implementation of university rules. 

Advising and Mentoring

  • Advised more than 60 Master degree thesis, and guided students to different creative projects and startups. Selected thesis topics: Applied History and Aesthetics, critical theories and artworks, Visual and verbal narrations

Startup Projects

  • Arting Room / The First Iranian Online Gallery for Art Students

From 2014 to 2016 we executed the project from Brain Storming to Brand Identity, Designing Website and Application Forms, Packaging, Social Media Advertising, Regulating the process of artworks’ acceptance and Categorizing them in the website.

  • Scenario-Oriented, User Generated Content, Social Gaming Media(in progress)

A scenario-oriented media will present general story lines to be completed by users who find themselves roles like writers, painters, voters, thinkers, interpreters, payers, viewers, checkers, etc. They create this virtual world through one single rule “novelty”.

Literary works

  • Heidari, Majid, “The Infrastructure of the City”, Collection of Short Stories, Dastan, Tehran, 2015
  • Collaborations with anthropology website in writing essays with the following topics: “the possibility of understanding self, outside the circle of consumerism”, “waiting for meaning”, “analytical review of the meaning of narrative (1)


  • PhDin Philosophy of Art

Advisor: Dr. William Mc Bride and Dr. M. R. Rikhtegaran

“Narrative Approach to the Process of Art Creation: Extended Reading of Paul Ricoeur’s Time and Narrative”

Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


  • MAin English Language Teaching

“Using Narrative Texts as the Main Material for Teaching Reading Skills to Elementary Students”

Arak University, Arak, Iran (2003-2007)

  • BAin English Language Teaching

Islamic Azad University, Mashhad (1999-2003)

List of Selected Postgraduate Courses

  • Hegel
  • Kant
  • Heidegger
  • Islamic Aesthetics, Art and Architecture
  • History of Philosophy
  • Analytic Philosophy
  • Mysticism and Wisdom in Aesthetics
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Islamic Philosophy
  • Plato and Aristotle Aesthetics

List of Selected Graduate Courses

  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Modern Trends in Education
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Educational Assessment Approaches
  • Curriculum Design

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